Are There Links Between Nuclear Power and Weapons Proliferation?

The theme I am moved by over the last two days is nuclear. I find my heart reaching to understand the dynamics behind North Korea and US stand off and how it is configured in respect of geopolitics and power.

Below is another article by Wise Amsterdam that draws links between nuclear… Continue reading

Nuclear Armed Countries, Non-Proliferation Treaty and UFOs

What is concerning about nuclear weapons is:

1) high levels of death occur not only in the immediate target area but concentric rings emanating out

2) the uranium half life that lingers for up to 4 billion years

3) the belief that weapons of mass destruction are a deterrent

4) the complicated geopolitics when allies… Continue reading

The United States Helped Iran Set up Its Nuclear Program

This article below is from ABC Radio national Australia.  I felt inspired to check Iran. 

My question:  How Can the United States site nuclear weapons programs as a threat when it is responsible for selling nuclear reactors? (in addition – in the case below in awareness of a nuclear weapons program).

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Why Are UFO’s Shutting Down Nuclear Missiles?

 I have placed this story here as it provides another context from which to look at Putin’s speech. It asks the question – Is there a threat of nuclear destruction? The total expenditure on the military is approximately statistic of around $1.69 trillion, it blows out in specific wars.  Refer I note… Continue reading

Atomic Thunder (Maralinga), Contamination and Secrecy in Australia

This article will be published for 8 August the anniversary of Nagasaki.  It feels significant.

I remember my trip to Woomera in South Australia.  I drove along the Stuart Highway to Woomera which is close to Roxy Downs Uranium Mine and Olympic Dam, the fourth largest copper deposit and the largest uranium mine… Continue reading

Nuclear Modernising Costs Around $1 Trillion Over 30 Years

I always have a little joke with myself whenever I see large numbers.  How many peace education programs could that buy? I smile as I know there will be very few.  

When we teach and value the best in humanity we will indeed create that future. We all choose the world we create.… Continue reading

Mohandas Gandhi

“My life is my message.”