Atomic Thunder (Maralinga), Contamination and Secrecy in Australia

This article will be published for 8 August the anniversary of Nagasaki.  It feels significant.

I remember my trip to Woomera in South Australia.  I drove along the Stuart Highway to Woomera which is close to Roxy Downs Uranium Mine and Olympic Dam, the fourth largest copper deposit and the largest uranium mine… Continue reading

Nuclear Modernising Costs Around $1 Trillion Over 30 Years

I always have a little joke with myself whenever I see large numbers.  How many peace education programs could that buy? I smile as I know there will be very few.  

When we teach and value the best in humanity we will indeed create that future. We all choose the world we create.… Continue reading

The Use of Tactical Nuclear Weapons

I was reading that bunker buster bombs were used in Syria by the Russians.  I will post the Guardian article in the next blog.  

I just did a Google search and found this article.  

The feeling coming to me are ‘what you do to another return to the self’. We are all… Continue reading

The Emperor Has No Clothes Nuclear is MAD

Nagasaki: atomic bombing, August 8, 1945

On Aug. 8, 1945, two days after detonating a uranium-fueled atomic bomb over Hiroshima, Japan, the United States dropped a plutonium-fueled atomic bomb over the Japanese port of Nagasaki.


Nuclear futures,
Is a fission of ideas,
In the confusion,
They are split,
The world… Continue reading

Chenobyl: Radioactive Wolves – Scary Mutations

This subject came up for me today.  I was standing in JB HiFi a shop that sells all sorts of electronic goods – laptops, electrical goods, music etc.  I stood there in the middle of the store in front of a wide screen watching a film about environmental destruction.  I could not… Continue reading

Is Nuclear Really a Deterrence?

A sane voice in a world of insane assumptions.  Well you have to start somewhere.  My vision is nuclear is on its way out, I feel our future will be nuclear free.

Gareth Evans, Australia’s foreign minister for eight years and President Emeritus of the International Crisis Group, is currently Chancellor… Continue reading

Mohandas Gandhi

“Nonviolence is a weapon of the strong”