Why Are We Fighting Nature? Wake Up!

I found this YouTube video below by chance as I followed another thread.  I really resonate with what it is reflecting. It reveals why we are fighting nature and it will provide insights into the times we are moving through.

I thought of my blog title Peace is Our True Nature.  Indeed it… Continue reading

Conditional Resource or Natural World?


Many grow up in a world that is conditional,

Many grow up feeling that they are compared,

For many are forming judgements,

Yet judgement is not justice,

Criticism is not truth,

Isolation is not family,

And fear is the architect of this.


I walk into the natural world,

And… Continue reading

Are Whales Like Humans?

I was watching David Attenborough’s documentary on the Great Barrier Reef.  In particular he spoke about the Minke Whales and couldn’t understand why these solitary mammals came to the scientists.  My thought was they are intelligent.  Turns out they are.
What I feel when I learn of the life and… Continue reading

What is Trumps Reflection on Time?

I just allowed the poem to write itself.  I love poetry, you never know what unfolds.

Are we really in control?




What is the trump card?

A royal flush?

A pontoon?

Sleight of hand?

To truly understand?



To come up trumps,

Is to have the… Continue reading

Nature: To Bee or not to Bee?

In time we will understand that literally nature is a mirror to us.  When we understand balance, harmony and life, we will honour it.  What we do to nature we do to ourselves.

Be mindful of how you live? be mindful of what you buy? Be mindful of what you learn? Be mindful… Continue reading

The Rythmn of the Universe

This short film discusses frequency, mathematics, vibration as the tones that form the pattern of the universe. Nothing is haphazard, there is indeed a blueprint. Peace in reality is harmony, it is simply coming into alignment with nature’s frequency. As a clown I have a loving feeling and this becomes my intention for harmony. The… Continue reading

Mohandas Gandhi

“Nobody can hurt me without my permission.”