Are Cuts to the Australian Broadcasting Commission (ABC) about Curtailing Freedom of Speech?

I just noticed I wrote Australian Broadcasting Commission not Corporation, that has to do with my age.  When I was young it was called this.  What is really obvious now I look to see and see to look is that it is a corporation.  That means it can trade.  This is… Continue reading

Fox Reaches for the Sky Beyond the Line of Sight of Democracy

This is an article from the Guardian.  It questions the influence of Media Moguls on democracy given their strong viewpoints.  What this means is that editorially they can select news that promotes what they believe the world should think. This is not democracy. Democracy is simply presenting the news in a balanced approach… Continue reading

Close Relationship Between Politician Tony Abbott and Media Mogul Murdoch

Again the words ‘real democracy’ come into my mind and the realisation that we do not have one.  I read article after article of how those in power are influenced by the wealthy elite. If they are media moguls they can make or break careers due to their editorial power. There should be laws… Continue reading

Is Sensationalising Media Fuelling Terrorism? What of Peace Journalism?

I always know that Terrorism as a name, label, symbol is an evolving movement expanded each time I hear the news.  I know how negatvity fuels fear and fear fuels focus and then focus fuels discussion then discrimination and then this leads to conflict and violence. I remember some years ago hearing from a… Continue reading

Does the Media Report or Make the News of the World?

I just felt inspired to google ‘kingmaker’ and found this article.  I am reflecting on the media.  The question arose: who is in power? What is democracy? Is it real?

UK PM Theresa May met ‘kingmaker’ Rupert Murdoch on UN visit

Media Buys into Bin Laden Story – Is It True?


Seymour Myron “Sy” Hersh (born April 8, 1937) is an American investigative journalist and political writer based in Washington, D.C. He is a regular contributor to The New Yorker magazine on military and security matters. He has also won two National Magazine Awards and is a five-time Polk winner and recipient of the 2004… Continue reading

Mohandas Gandhi

“You must be the change you wish to see in the world.”