The Final Countdown?

Are we heading for Venus or Mars?  Love or war?

What do you choose?  I’ve already voted a long time ago.

I love you.  You are me.



The “Final Solution” Must become Peace

Inspiration brought me here to:

  • anyone incarcerated without trial
  • anyone held in detention
  • anyone imprisoned
  • anyone vilified on the basis of their race or relgion or spiritual belief
  • anyone held without rights
  • anyone tortured
  • anyone terrorised
  • anyone being killed with the intention to wipe them out

The seeds of dictatorship with discrimination leads to mindsets… Continue reading

George Michael Inspiring Love and Peace

Another beautiful song.  My poem posted after as I feel the celebration of love in this moment.  Love is free-dom, free dominion.


Love is Free


Today celebrate love,

For only one day is my life,

It is short,

It is sweet,

I feel love everyday,

The feeling completes,

For there is… Continue reading

Are You a Child of Unconditional Love?

A poem I felt to write in this moment to remember what is real in this world of concepts.  For me, only love is real.  Everything else is distraction.  This song sings to me the sentiment that is moving me to write.  My poem follows to find words.  I love… Continue reading

Unity in a Diverse World

I send love and peace to all those engaged in activities that divide or harm others.  For it is in love and true peace that we are rendered harmless.  I understand the world is configured on the basis of historical trends, socialised learning, unquestioned beliefs that bring a sense of security and patterns… Continue reading

The Silent Exclusion and Discrimination of the Homeless

I am homeless but currently in a house sit.  I am focusing on this issue as I am going to do something about it, not just for myself but for a group of people who are definitely marginalised and they do not enjoy the same rights as citizens.  I might add that even… Continue reading

Mohandas Gandhi

“Only as high as I reach can I grow, only as far as I seek can I go, only as deep as I look can I see, only as much as I dream can I be.”