Edward Snowden: A Global Conversation on the Balance between Civil Liberties and Mass Intelligence Gathering

I found this interview of Edward Snowden organised by the University of Chicago, USA interesting.  I observed how the interviewer interpreted what he was saying, what questions arose in the questioners mind, how Edward responded and modelled democratic discourse. He is both articulate and respectful in his demeanour and compelling in his ability to… Continue reading

Ben Rich or Ben Dover Skunkworks – 60 Minutes to Midnight?

I love the joke Ben Dover, I heard that many years ago and laughed. I like that Ben Rich mentioned humour.  This is a video produced by 60 Minutes USA.  This is an insight into black ops world of the industry-military complex and their psychology. 

I am a peace educator and I… Continue reading

Google, Robert Steele, CIA, for Open Source on Intelligence with Integrity

Should a Google search engine and multiple social interface (email, YouTube, Google+, photos etc) be in a contract with the CIA? What does this mean for the public who are communicating believing they have privacy?

Ex-CIA Agent States Google is “In Bed With” the CIA


kidmercury on Sat, 2006-10-28 03:52.

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Love Rebalances Harmony in all Spheres


Love Rebalances the Harmony in all Spheres


The love of your life,

The life of your love,

Is an unchained melody,

Indeed a love song,

Can you hear it singing in your ear?

Can you feel it touching your hair in a breeze?

Can you taste it crunching on a biscuit and cheese?… Continue reading

APEC Vietnam 2017

APEC met in Viet Nam.  Below is the primary message and stated priorities.  I contemplate all the economic groupings around the world competing for growth.  The challenge is how to bring the world together to ensure expansion of possibilities but without depleting resources and increasing CO2 emissions.  There has to be… Continue reading

Is the Nobel Peace Prize Honouring Nobel’s Wishes?

“Nobel wanted to liberate humanity from the extremely dangerous and counterproductive military security policy we are trapped in…”

For myself the ‘security’ policy is the core issue.  Inherent within this is the idea of an enemy.  It can be found in the military, in leadership, in authority across a range of roles.

I… Continue reading

Mohandas Gandhi

“My life is my message.”