A Brave New World or a Braver World of Whistleblowers

I am inspired today.  I always know when I am as there is just one continuous flow as I work.  Virtually no pause.   I feel Pink Floyd will be a channel for the feeling of many.

I love the dove in the beginning that turns into a dark eagle.  Clearly… Continue reading

Calls for more Affordable Housing and Equality

The issue of rental affordability is really evident today.  I recall back in the 1990’s I rented a property for $140 a week, it was a 3 bedroom house in Brisbane.  Today you would be looking at around $250-$350 or more.  I find it very disturbing the way Real Estates have people… Continue reading

The Parliamentary Equilateral Triangle Ascends Beyond Plato and Aristotle to Discover the Law of ONE

The Parliamentary Equilateral Triangle Ascends Beyond Plato and Aristotle
to Discover the Law of ONE


What is corruption?

Cor’rupt’ion ‘phthora’,

A rupture in the body politic?

A standard deviation from the error of the estimate

of minimum standards,

Where the ends justifies the means.


The usher of the Black Rod stands at West… Continue reading

Corporate Lobbyists Purchasing the Voice of Politicians

Dealing With the Dominance of Corporate Lobbyists

In an era of “toothless” rules, the best fix might be as simple as paying congressional staffers more.
  • A statue of George Washington | Reuters/Joshua Roberts
High turnover rates prohibit congressional aides from developing adequate expertise on complex issues. | Reuters/Joshua Roberts

Imagine you’re a busy… Continue reading

Economic and Social Inequality is the Core Problem

The seeds we plant we reap as they say. The oneness that I mention in this blog is to do with regarding the other as the self.  This means what we do to others we do to ourselves.  The great divisions we see are when we suppress, discriminate, abuse and disadvantage others in… Continue reading

The Discrimination as Persecution for Speaking Up

This is a very powerful segment of Jane Elliott, the US educator famous for the Blue Eyed series based on Nazism.   She is with a group of ‘white’ teenagers.  Her style of teaching is experiential and aggressive as she takes on the role of the oppressor.  She configures her work to… Continue reading

Mohandas Gandhi

“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.”