Sexual Harassment (suppression) or Sexual Freedom (expression)?

This poem came to me as a feeling to speak about sexual harassment.  The title Sexual Harassment or Sexual Freedom is really a statement about suppression and expression.  The masculine and feminine is not really about male and female, it is the energy of control and expression.

In this poem I express it… Continue reading

Financial Institutions that Blockaded Assange

I had a look into this and found it interesting.  The companies that blockade Assange says something about their political stance and active participation.  I found the Bitcoin approach an interesting way of funding without money. Freedom appears the key word. What is freedom?

WikiLeaks Bypasses Financial Blockade With Bitcoin

The Privatisation of Public Space or Personal Responsibility?

I have just Googled free parking for Canberra City and have been given a map with prices ranging from $2.70 for 2 hours to $15.70.  

My questions are:


Why do I have to pay to park?

Who decides the prices?

Why do they range widely, how are these prices set e.g. cost of… Continue reading

De-Mock-Racy or The Force Awakens in US?

I felt to write a poem inspired by the US Election.  As usual I have no idea what will flow but found answers as I flowed to awaken from the dream. I have not watched one news cast about this election but can feel the world’s focus on this event. The twin towers comes… Continue reading

Poles Shifting into a Unified Field of Feminine and Masculine

I’ve felt a disturbance within me on hearing a story about rape. I awoke deeply contemplating it. When this happens I know I will write something.  I just went over a previous blog on magnetic fields and somehow this links.

I don’t see life in a similar way as many logical others. As an… Continue reading

Mediocrity is the Greatest Poverty on Earth

Everyone is great, most have forgotten. When you open your eyes to see you will see yourself in all the faces.  What is it you truly see?  I see beauty and freedom.


Existence is Non-Existence Thriving


You can never know another,

Until you walk in their shoes.


What if,

They… Continue reading

Mohandas Gandhi

“God has no religion”