Australia’s Human Rights, Counter Terrorism and Peace Building Alternatives

The Australian Government has announced holding suspects of terrorism to 14 days without a magistrate.  The sedition laws are particularly noteworthy. This has implications for freedom of speech which may raise issues that are not supportive of the government, particularly if there is concern about illegality as what was seen in the Iraq war.… Continue reading

Why Are We Fighting Nature? Wake Up!

I found this YouTube video below by chance as I followed another thread.  I really resonate with what it is reflecting. It reveals why we are fighting nature and it will provide insights into the times we are moving through.

I thought of my blog title Peace is Our True Nature.  Indeed it… Continue reading

Real Freedom from an Ultimate Source

This is a pipeline from wisdom to you.

The key to change is aligning with allowance. This is not condoning.  It is shifting perception to the inner being.  This inner being is the source of who you are.  The key is to find alignment with freedom itself.  You are never alone.… Continue reading

Freedom is Beyond Thought

This is a wonderful teaching by Eckhart Tolle.  He lives peace by example and essence.  His life is a pointer to the Way.  Perhaps it is Stillness that Speaks?




Sexual Harassment (suppression) or Sexual Freedom (expression)?

This poem came to me as a feeling to speak about sexual harassment.  The title Sexual Harassment or Sexual Freedom is really a statement about suppression and expression.  The masculine and feminine is not really about male and female, it is the energy of control and expression.

In this poem I express it… Continue reading

Financial Institutions that Blockaded Assange

I had a look into this and found it interesting.  The companies that blockade Assange says something about their political stance and active participation.  I found the Bitcoin approach an interesting way of funding without money. Freedom appears the key word. What is freedom?

WikiLeaks Bypasses Financial Blockade With Bitcoin

Mohandas Gandhi

“Nobody can hurt me without my permission.”