Edward Snowden: A Global Conversation on the Balance between Civil Liberties and Mass Intelligence Gathering

I found this interview of Edward Snowden organised by the University of Chicago, USA interesting.  I observed how the interviewer interpreted what he was saying, what questions arose in the questioners mind, how Edward responded and modelled democratic discourse. He is both articulate and respectful in his demeanour and compelling in his ability to… Continue reading

Eve is a New Era




This is a poem dedicated to all men,

For you are trail blazing,

A bush fire that is unstoppable,

That is on the war path,

That has forgotten the steam bath,

Is for contemplation.


The patriarch is the monarch,

The matriarch is the patron,

Who presides over… Continue reading

Breaching Privacy for FEAR or Truth?


Breaching Privacy for FEAR of Truth?


Who are you?

Who have you become?

You are the silent one,

I hear,

You are smoke and mirrors,

I see,

You are the one following me,

I think therefore I am,

I feel therefore I am not,

For what we think is never true,

It is… Continue reading

Thank God for Marriage Equality in Australia

The operative word here is ‘equality’.  The issue that was raised was discrimination arising from religious beliefs.  We are all born equal.  Some may find homosexuality strange but it is a fact in a diverse world.  The real work is questioning fear which his not love.  If God is Love… Continue reading

Is Critique of Israel Anti-Semetic or a Democratic Imperative? What is True?


I accidently ended up in media and embedded this image. I would say this is the core of my inspiration to write this blog. There are no mistakes.

For years I have heard and seen the Israeli government using anti-Semitism as a means of deflecting criticism they do not want to hear.  My mind… Continue reading

The Case for a Basic Income for Everyone

This is a step towards equality and freeing people to start to focus on what makes them happy.  The issue today is that people are spending all their time surviving.  Moreover, there is discrimination towards those unemployed.  An initiative for a Basic Income will transform society and life on earth. People are… Continue reading

Mohandas Gandhi

“You must be the change you wish to see in the world.”