Gender Differences or Superiority in the Classroom?

I know when I went to school I didn’t read a book until I was 17.  I was dyslexic and when very young used to get my words back to front, even spoken for many years (did it here as I didn’t write spoken ‘words’).  I was told I was not intelligent and… Continue reading

Is the Issue of Terrorism in the Philippines about Inequality, Poverty and Corruption?

I heard about my government entering the conflict in Philippines.  My first thoughts were Mindanao as one of the participants on the Rotary Peace and Conflict Studies Program was a Christian from the Philippines and he was keen to talk about Mindanao. I was aware that the Muslim/Christian Conflict had occurred.  I… Continue reading

The Vital Importance of Peace Education

Peace Education

(Developed and endorsed by UNESCO, UNHCR, UNICEF and INEE)

The Peace Education Programme teaches the skills and values associated with peaceful behaviours. The programme is designed to enable and encourage people to think constructively about issues, both physical and social and to develop constructive attitudes towards living together and solving problems that… Continue reading

REAL HOPES for the Children of Syria


REAL HOPES for the Children of Syria


I watch the Syrian Youth Marching band play,

I play with the Syrian children,

One has a glint in his eye,

He pulls at my suit,

He wants to look in my bag,

He speaks in his language pleading,

As we tug at the door grinning,… Continue reading

Bill Gates Speaks to a Teacher about Learning


A Powerful Conversation on Schools, Poverty, and Race

He had me at “nerd farmer.”

Nate Bowling was sitting in my office, talking about teaching. I consider myself a nerd, so when the Washington State Teacher of the Year used the word early in our meeting—and meant it as a compliment—I… Continue reading

Freedom Writers Writing for Freedom

I saw this film tonight.  I have to smile this is very topical. I visited a group today who were all abused as children. They were in their own war as kids, trying to survive. I was thinking about bullying and reflecting on powerlessness. I reflected on empowerment. All that is is knowing you… Continue reading

Mohandas Gandhi

“Nonviolence is a weapon of the strong”