Earth Changes

Solar Reveral, Total Reversal of Magnetic and Geographic Fields

I just find myself tapping into this as I can feel change on so many levels. The reality is we are not in control but we can envisage a new future if this happens. Which feels likely.


Earth’s magnetic poles could be about to flip sparking chaos and mass blackouts

THE… Continue reading

A Stern Report is a Climate of Changing Business-As-Usual

Elements in the business community are calling the shots around the world given their disproportionate power and influence. They have a responsibility to change their practices that are causing and catalysing climate change. Can they be the leadership all are waiting for or do they conform to hundreds of years of business-as-usual? Their decisions will… Continue reading

Earth Axis Shift

Global warming shifts spin axis of Earth

It’s hard to believe that humans could tip the Earth off its axis — even a tiny bit. But we have, and Dr Karl explains how.

By Karl S. Kruszelnicki

North Pole

In 2005, the North Pole started heading east,… Continue reading

Are You Ready For a Global Reset?

I felt inspired to write this today.  When I touch on truth I feel deeply happy.  




Who are we?

Who will we become?

Will we share the bright optimism of a rising sun?

Or allow the dark clouds of confusion to obscure the light of fun,

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What Do The Crop Circles Mean? WTF

I had to write WTF for the sheer fun of it.  This is a great YouTube apparently channelling the Acturians who are higher dimensional beings. They are considered the most loving ET’s.

The crop circles to my way of thinking should be an exciting moment in human history rather than secretive and ignored, nothing… Continue reading

Planet X and Earth Changes

This commentator has caught my attention.  I like his analysis (not that I understand it I don’t) but I sense it is relevant.  None of us can know the true extent of cosmic changes given limits to technology and our civilisation experiencing uncertainty and great change.  There is no point in being… Continue reading

Mohandas Gandhi

“Nonviolence is a weapon of the strong”