Are Cuts to the Australian Broadcasting Commission (ABC) about Curtailing Freedom of Speech?

I just noticed I wrote Australian Broadcasting Commission not Corporation, that has to do with my age.  When I was young it was called this.  What is really obvious now I look to see and see to look is that it is a corporation.  That means it can trade.  This is… Continue reading

Shine the Light to Lobby for Civil Society Public Space

This is interesting.  is democracy about some voices and not others or is it about representation?  Are we losing our democracy? I vote for an inclusive public debate of all voices.  I vote to hear the people. Let’s start with a song about unification.  I thank my many teachers for… Continue reading

Can Universities Face the Range of Social and Political Failures or Just Focus on Profits?

Key question:  Are Universities democratic?  Are you free to say what you think? Or if it out of line with the prevailing views does that make you radical or embracing of freedom of speech?
An article from Tufts University.

The Politics of Learning for Democracy

By: Nancy L. Thomas… Continue reading

Jimmy Carter the U.S. Is No Longer a Democracy


Jimmy Carter Is Correct That the U.S. Is No Longer a Democracy


On July 28, Thom Hartmann interviewed former U.S. President Jimmy Carter, and, at the very end of his show (as if this massive question were merely an afterthought), asked him his opinion of the 2010… Continue reading

Are We Losing or Strengthening Our Democracy?


Amends the: Commonwealth Electoral Act 1918 to: establish public registers for key non-party political actors; require non-financial particulars, such as senior staff and discretionary government benefits, to be reported; prohibit donations from foreign governments and state-owned enterprises being used to finance public debate

require wholly political actors to verify that donations… Continue reading

Easter Message Malcolm Says Reach Out to Needy and Defence?

This article I have to post below.  I’ve just been in touch with an MP trying to unlock my superannuation ($1500) so I can survive.  I wrote the Prime Minister weeks ago asking for help as Human Services are basically saying unless I am on Centrelink for 26 consecutive weeks I can’t access… Continue reading

Mohandas Gandhi

“God has no religion”