The Pauperisation of Democracy?

The issue of slavery is emerging and what I feel is that it is the removal of choice.  It is about power over not power within.  I am exploring this with interest.  I feel economic power that is unchecked just continues to erode rights and responsibilities in the name of profit. … Continue reading

Losing Credit? US Regulator Fines Credit Suisse

The issue of ethics and honesty comes to mind. 

What is an improper investment? Sounds a weakened terminology.  Improper sounds like it is within rules but misguided.  The words deception or unethical leads us to question the character of decision makers. That feels more accurate.  

How does fining companies affect the… Continue reading

Disaster Capitalism Capitalises on Disaster as Business-As-Usual

This is recommended viewing.




The Usurpation of Democracy by Repugnant Secrecy in Government

This video is recommended viewing as it is time for people to wake up and learn about what is done in their name.  Moreover, the secrecy that is reflected in what is termed the shadow government is the corruption of democracy through the advancement of capitalism which is increasingly about self interest over best… Continue reading

Close Relationship Between Politician Tony Abbott and Media Mogul Murdoch

Again the words ‘real democracy’ come into my mind and the realisation that we do not have one.  I read article after article of how those in power are influenced by the wealthy elite. If they are media moguls they can make or break careers due to their editorial power. There should be laws… Continue reading

Is Racism Infiltrating Australian Politics?

I am watching a documentary on the One Nation Leader Pauline Hanson learning about her right wing politics. She spoke of anti-multiculturalism, anti-Asian, anti-Muslim. She stated she wanted the Australia of her childhood.  She believed Australia would be swamped. She didn’t like homosexuals either. She used the word equality but she didn’t understand that… Continue reading

Mohandas Gandhi

“You must be the change you wish to see in the world.”