Corporate Corruption Hurts People

The corporate climate that makes a company vulnerable to corruption is unquestioned control, no checks and balances and the absence of real values in top management.  Companies these days speak of risk management, but the biggest risk to a company is not external fraud but internal corruption.  Companies are typically hierarchical and there… Continue reading

The Corporate Bullying of Goldman Sachs

There appears to be a perception of one rule for white collar corporations engaging in bullying or corruption and one rule for citizens.  The problem of revolving doors in politics and industry blurs allegiances. It appears to matter less if a person is dishonest, it seems that making money wins the respect of insiders.… Continue reading

Corruption and Lobbyists in Australian Politics

This is a speech by Jacqui Lambie on corruption in government and focuses on lobbying.

Her background

Lobbying Code of Conduct


National Anti-Corruption Commission Ensures Equality Before the Law

I vote for this.  Why does corruption happen?  Money talks over principle.  Status over ethics.  White collar over blue collar.  Influence over equality. Corruption becomes part of business as usual as this is group think. Mates helping mates. Like attracts like. Crimes are minimised given ignorance

Democracy is freedom of… Continue reading

Cisco and Surveillance of Citizens as Repression is this Right?

I recall working at a university in an office where Cisco phones were evident.  I noticed the camera recorded me every 30 minutes. I turned the screen away from me.  I realised later that the reason film was taken was to prove the person at the computer was identified. This was probably done… Continue reading

Lawyers Concealing Criminality through Client/Attorney Relationships

It seems clear that the FBI Director Robert Mueller is upset as this President is not on side.  This public experience reveals the corruption of lawyers and how people are silenced through payoffs. This very issue of secrecy is repugnant.  The clash between the intelligence community and the Whitehouse may reveal more information… Continue reading

Mohandas Gandhi

“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.”