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Suicide is Not About Wanting to End Your Life

I think it is very important that people understand suicide and not run from the discussion.  It is important to understand that a person feeling to suicide is seeking a way out of pain, this is more accurate.  They are seeking freedom from the pain and they believe there will be peace if… Continue reading

Kashmir: Inequality and Discriminaton is why an 8 year old was Raped

This was sent to me by a friend Assabah Kahn, Rotary Peace fellow whom I studied with in Bangkok.  She is a journalist dealing with the horrors of Kashmir suppressed by India in an occupation without end it seems.  She has seen the deaths for herself, she has seen the brutality of oppression,… Continue reading

May Aung Sun Suu Kyi find REAL HOPE in Burma

This interview was undertaken a year ago.  It feels like a good place to start to assess the situation for Aung Sun Suu Kyi.  Clearly today the Rohingya are facing genocide.  Why do people wish to exterminate a people, they are seeing them as a threat. 

REAL HOPE (s) is from… Continue reading

Why Did Britain Train the Burmese Military? Friend, Foe or Fool?

I am feeling moved to research Burma.  I have been to the border myself as a Rotary Peace Scholar meeting with the Association for Political Prisoners in Burma (refer This could do a lot to heal relations between Islam and the rest of the world.  There are some who have made… Continue reading

Bringing Shared Ethics to Mediation to Transform Conflict

Bringing Shared Ethics to the Table: 

Creative Problem Solving and Transformative Mediation

as Tools for Resolution of Controversial Conflicts


Terri L. Kelly

Department of Conflict Resolution

Portland State University

Suggested citation:

Kelly, T. L. (1999). “Bringing Shared Ethics to the Table: Creative Problem Solving and Transformative Mediation as Tools for Resolution of… Continue reading

Are You Ready For a Global Reset?

I felt inspired to write this today.  When I touch on truth I feel deeply happy.  




Who are we?

Who will we become?

Will we share the bright optimism of a rising sun?

Or allow the dark clouds of confusion to obscure the light of fun,

Why not… Continue reading

Mohandas Gandhi

“My life is my message.”