Biko, Apart-heid and Raising Consciousness

I found a song by Peter Gabriel about Steve Biko the African actvist for non-racism in South Africa.  I saw the movie many years ago and felt deeply saddened by the plight of Africans.  Oppression is a word I can type but one can only know this when they are looked at in… Continue reading

Authentic Peace in the World

Michael Brown discusses the real peace that passeth all understanding.  It is not about making peace it is about looking at what is obscuring our awareness of peace.

A wonderful teacher of peace who doesn’t make peace.  He is very clear that peace already exists.  Thinking is mental therapy. If people restore… Continue reading

The Power Matrix of Infinite Possibilities




He who owns the gold rules the world,

Is the old adage,

Age old belief,


Free trade or sanctioned?

By the ruling elites.


For the power matrix,

Coaxial cables,

Electronic surveillance,

Subterranean pipelines,

Mainlining the good oil,

An addiction of endless wars,

As competition is… Continue reading

Madonna Sees the Light in the Darkness of Trump

I saw this article on Madonna indicating Trump is doing a great service.  Indeed he is, but not intentionally.  She wisely has seen that people have to wake up, that indeed they have taken their rights and freedoms for granted.  They have here in Australia and Western countries.  In the poorer… Continue reading

What in the World Are We Doing? Is There Another Way?

This blog is inspired by those going through my blog in detail. 

It was Gandhi who said my life is my message, I would say my life is my expression. I love the freedom of allowing the most beautiful thoughts to surface, to allow questions to surface and to explore my world as an… Continue reading

The Privatisation of Public Space or Personal Responsibility?

I have just Googled free parking for Canberra City and have been given a map with prices ranging from $2.70 for 2 hours to $15.70.  

My questions are:


Why do I have to pay to park?

Who decides the prices?

Why do they range widely, how are these prices set e.g. cost of… Continue reading

Mohandas Gandhi

“Gentleness, self-sacrifice and generosity are the exclusive possession of no one race or religion.”