The Treatment of Asylum Seekers Reflects Government Failure in its Duty of Care

What this really means is that there is a void in respect to feeling for the humanity of vulnerable people. The abuse of refugees has been going on a long time here in Australia and is still continuing.  The question is how can a first world country behave in ways that reflect brutality. I… Continue reading

Cisco and Surveillance of Citizens as Repression is this Right?

I recall working at a university in an office where Cisco phones were evident.  I noticed the camera recorded me every 30 minutes. I turned the screen away from me.  I realised later that the reason film was taken was to prove the person at the computer was identified. This was probably done… Continue reading

Banking Royal Commission Gives the Credit to Credit Card Fraud

Is greed really good hmmm, how money corrupts and how lots of money corrupts lots of people.  If money talks then the commission is key talking point about money.

What it really depicts is group think when corruption becomes ‘this is the way we do things around here’ and it is top down. … Continue reading

Are We Losing or Strengthening Our Democracy?


Amends the: Commonwealth Electoral Act 1918 to: establish public registers for key non-party political actors; require non-financial particulars, such as senior staff and discretionary government benefits, to be reported; prohibit donations from foreign governments and state-owned enterprises being used to finance public debate

require wholly political actors to verify that donations… Continue reading

Why Did Britain Train the Burmese Military? Friend, Foe or Fool?

I am feeling moved to research Burma.  I have been to the border myself as a Rotary Peace Scholar meeting with the Association for Political Prisoners in Burma (refer This could do a lot to heal relations between Islam and the rest of the world.  There are some who have made… Continue reading

Control Orders or Democratic Rights and Due Process?

What happens in the scenario that Ministers are funded by corporations or individuals or are operating in their own interests not the public’s interest? What happens to those they deem as a threat?  That threat may have nothing to do with terrorism fears but the fear of voices that may critique in the name… Continue reading

Mohandas Gandhi

“Nobody can hurt me without my permission.”