Privatising Public Space to Realise Peace is Freedom

I’ve just been told by a waitress that if I don’t buy coffee I do not have the right to be in a space I thought was public.  I was to discover it had been corporatized.  I sat back and thought of all those people who do not have money who are increasingly… Continue reading

Single Shooters Training as Gaming in Violent Video Games?

I was undertaking research into arms traffickers given a documentary I found by chance. I felt intuitively a connection with the US shooting and military weapons. I felt intuitively for the arms industry and profit making out of violence which encourages its existence. Then by chance I find a violent video game and… Continue reading

Biko, Apart-heid and Raising Consciousness

I found a song by Peter Gabriel about Steve Biko the African actvist for non-racism in South Africa.  I saw the movie many years ago and felt deeply saddened by the plight of Africans.  Oppression is a word I can type but one can only know this when they are looked at in… Continue reading

The Philosopher’s Stone Transforms Homeless Angels

This is dedicated to my many teachers who see differently to me.  I allow the indifference and call it love. For I have learned to love myself.


The Philosopher’s Stone Transforms Homeless Angels


What is the truth that sets you free?

To be who you are,

Without censure.


We live in… Continue reading

The Ancient Ouroboros Arises Unity in Transformative Times

We are in interesting times. I felt inspired to write about the Ouroboros many years ago and had no idea what it meant.  I travelled to Mexico and saw the Pyramid of the Feathered Serpent. There is real power in life. In times of great change it may seem the world has run amok,… Continue reading

We Are A Family of Light

We Are A Family of Light


The family of pearl,

imagines the rough shell,

in the ocean of turmoil,

smoothing off the harsh edges,

to produce the pearl.


There are pearls in every family,

for the shell of the family can be hard,

emotions seen as weakness,

where one must dominate the other,… Continue reading

Mohandas Gandhi

“Gentleness, self-sacrifice and generosity are the exclusive possession of no one race or religion.”