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  1. Recy Taylor

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    Recy Taylor
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    Mrs. Recy Taylor in 1944
    Born December 31, 1919
    Abbeville, Alabama, U.S.
    Died December 28, 2017 (aged 97)
    Abbeville, Alabama, U.S.
    Occupation Sharecropper[1]

    Recy Taylor (December 31, 1919 – December 28, 2017)[2]:297 was an African American woman from Abbeville in Henry… Continue reading

Living in Paradise is Tax Free

I laugh at this scandal. Am I surprised, not at all. Such is the nature of an economic system which promotes greed as good for business.   It seems the poorest people in the world are the richest.  You may want to ponder this.  As they squirrel away their chests of nuts (golden… Continue reading

Is Critique of Israel Anti-Semetic or a Democratic Imperative? What is True?


I accidently ended up in media and embedded this image. I would say this is the core of my inspiration to write this blog. There are no mistakes.

For years I have heard and seen the Israeli government using anti-Semitism as a means of deflecting criticism they do not want to hear.  My mind… Continue reading

Psychological Abuse and the Legal System

I have been watching a 60 Minutes program and learning about how women feel when cross examined in sexual abuse cases.  I have been a witness in a rape case and I saw how horrendous the Barristers were.  I’ve had one try and kiss me and found out later that he had raped… Continue reading

Tax Havens are the Corporate Heaven of Corruption without Conscience

This is hard to read as I contemplate homelessness out of principle. I just cannot align with anything I feel is dishonest or undermining of democracy.  

I find myself more and more aware of how the taxpayers are the ones left holding the baby.  This baby is an empty cup held out begging… Continue reading

Is There a Terrorist Threat or is the Threat Causing Terror?

This blog is to look at the terror laws that enable governments to hold suspects, in this case, held indefinitely. There are real human rights issues and questions that need to be asked as to the intent behind government actions which restricts rights and freedoms.

This is an article from the Washington Post. I found… Continue reading

Mohandas Gandhi

“Each one has to find his peace from within. And peace to be real must be unaffected by outside circumstances.”