Sexual Harassment (suppression) or Sexual Freedom (expression)?

This poem came to me as a feeling to speak about sexual harassment.  The title Sexual Harassment or Sexual Freedom is really a statement about suppression and expression.  The masculine and feminine is not really about male and female, it is the energy of control and expression.

In this poem I express it… Continue reading

The Gold Man Seeks Sachs of Gold in Revolving Government Doors with no Closure

 Will we ever live in a democracy based on merit in positions and sharing power as a sense of community. Is it an impossible dream? Sometimes I despair as I see how corruption can distract from the most important issues of our time.

I just found out that Malcolm Turnbull was a Goldman Sachs… Continue reading

Australian Government Abuse of Refugees

My musings first:

The issue of refugees in this country and many other Western countries beggars belief (65 million today and 50% are children).  I believe it comes down to propaganda against Muslim people all over the world as part of an orchestrated war against terror coupled with demonising the poorest of the poor.… Continue reading

Meeting the Khmer Rouge and The Horror of Torture

I felt to post an excerpt out of my book ‘A Fool for Peace’ on the subject of torture. When I hear people say they approve of torture my first thought is ‘so you don’t mind if someone tortures you?’.  Experience is a great teacher and when any person experiences being in extreme pain… Continue reading

Is CIA Director Pompeo A Possible Pompeii? Human Rights Watch?

Energy appears to be the right qualification.  It appears the US will focus on energy as the pipeline for generating wealth and a primary policy platform.  Will trade be decoupled from human rights violations?  According to Human Rights Watch there is real concern that surveillance and torture are permissible.

Australia a Refuge for Democracy or Cruelty in Compliance?

This article was sent to me entitled ‘Immigration Deception And Cruelty: Young Women Challenge the System’ (see below).

I certainly do not vote for detention that removes the rights of people fleeing persecution.  I recently met an Afghan man who decided to sit with me. He told me of his own persecution… Continue reading

Mohandas Gandhi

“You must be the change you wish to see in the world.”