The Abuse of Children is about Power and Social Dysfunction

One of my friends gave evidence in this inquiry.  She was so poor that she told me she had eaten grass. That is when you know the scourge of poverty. She was institutionalised because her mother had a mental illness and the father an alcoholic. Clearly our society has mental health issues that go… Continue reading

The Treatment of Asylum Seekers Reflects Government Failure in its Duty of Care

What this really means is that there is a void in respect to feeling for the humanity of vulnerable people. The abuse of refugees has been going on a long time here in Australia and is still continuing.  The question is how can a first world country behave in ways that reflect brutality. I… Continue reading

Banking Royal Commission Gives the Credit to Credit Card Fraud

Is greed really good hmmm, how money corrupts and how lots of money corrupts lots of people.  If money talks then the commission is key talking point about money.

What it really depicts is group think when corruption becomes ‘this is the way we do things around here’ and it is top down. … Continue reading

Financial Industry Corruption

Is greed good?


Banking inquiry has already exposed shocking corruption – but it needs more time

Deregulation has helped parts of the financial industry to become captured by fraudsters

The big four banks
The banking royal… Continue reading

A New Era of Peace and Happiness for Little Children

This poem I felt inspired to write today as I contemplate one of the darkest issues on our planet – Pedophilia, I can barely write the words it so horrifies me. So I have felt to write and see what wisdom arises to help me to make peace with this. I feel the geometric circle… Continue reading

The Structural Violence of Women is an Epidemic Worldwide

It is very important that some men awaken themselves to why they felt the need to suppress women and in the subtle ways they still do it. Women are wives, daughters and mothers.  They are friends.  This is a phenomenon that has afflicted women since the beginning. It is time to change. I… Continue reading

Mohandas Gandhi

“God has no religion”