Unconditional Love and Presence

Michael Brown overcame extreme pain by learning breathing.  He is an enlightened teacher who would see himself as not enlightened. He speaks in a language that all can understand and clears up confusion around emotions and peace.  

The two videos highlight Michael’s philosophy and breathing process.  The breathing process is undertaken for… Continue reading

Wake Up to A Re-New-Able World

We get so caught up in work, life and the drama’s played out on television. Yet ultimately we are all responsible for the shape of the world.  It is to stop and really contemplate our own actions and how they impact on life on earth and for the future of our species and all… Continue reading

Your Are A Superstar – Be the Inspiration!

I love this song and I liked Madonna’s riskae, she is sensual in her expression.  The inspiration is what leads you to where you want to go.  Your inner feeling will open up the stage of life.  I have added Michael Jackson as I love his style and sense of the dramatic… Continue reading

Another Day in Paradise Or Is It?

This song reflects the expression of empathy for others.  How many times have we walked past those who have nothing.  We see others ignoring them and so we just follow.  I’ve lived and visited many cities.  I am never comfortable with homelessness.  I have been homeless, I have had moments… Continue reading

Do you Want a Big Time OR a Fun Time?

This song reflects the song of the ego.  It is the desire to be bigger and better or as they say ‘larger than life’. You have the big house, the cars, the wealth, the luxury, the freedom and the girls will just throw themselves at you. Trump had this view I recall in his… Continue reading

The CIA in Australia by Public Radio News Service

It is coincidental that I found this article ‘The CIA in Australia’.  I was remembering the former Prime Minister Gough Whitlam’s dismissal with friends and decided to look for information on it.  I feel the Whitlam era as a turning point in Australia history and sovereignty.   I grew up in Canberra, the… Continue reading

Mohandas Gandhi

“The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.”