A Homeless Multi-millionaire’s Story

Again, anyone can be homeless.  Can you imagine how it would feel to fall from the status of a multi-millionaire.  In this grouping people value according to money and status not who you are.  Failure is identified with loss of financial wealth. The title indicates ‘unsuccessful’. I don’t think he is… Continue reading

Homeless Banker Shares his Story

This can happen to anyone.  What if he is you?


Launch Housing – Real People Real Poverty

This could be you, no matter who you are.  You may have a crisis, a nervous breakdown, bullying, a shock, self respect, independence, conscientous objection with welfare or lose everything.  I am you.  You are me!  One story talks about sitting at cafe’s I’ve done a lot of that in order… Continue reading

Homelessness is a Call for Action

Launch Housing produced this video.  It is the most important issue of our time as it is not just about not having a house it is about non-regulation of housing ownership, it is about no pricing ceiling and selling off houses, inequities in Centrelink and the Job Providers, it is about attitudes that value… Continue reading

Honest Government or Transitioning to the Dark Ages in Australia

I just saw this and laughed.  Thank god for Australians.  Let’s hope they Get Up and actually say what they think, as this ad shows!  From a peacemaker perspective I would encourage that it is not demeaning but I do understand young people made this and in their enthusiasm they rebel. … Continue reading

Cyber Revolution in Australian Defence Force Positioning to Conduct War or Peace?

Only peace creates peace.  Only ‘good neighbours’ model good neighbours.  The foundations of peace lay in the intent for global peace.  If an industry profits from producing violent weaponry that causes great pain and suffering to civilians then please know what you put out returns – this is natural universal law. … Continue reading

Mohandas Gandhi

“Nonviolence is a weapon of the strong”