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Near Death Experience: The Ripple of Our Existence

You cannot not make a difference.  We do indeed live on.  Eveyr person ahs a gift.  Are you going to use your gifts?

NSA UFO Disclosure Records

It appears governments are disclosing.  

I like this quote:   

“Perhaps the UFO question might even make man undertake ” studies which could enable him to construct a society which is most conducive to developing a .. completely human being, healthy in all aspects of mind and body-and. most importantly,  able to… Continue reading

The Philosopher’s Stone Transforms Homeless Angels

This is dedicated to my many teachers who see differently to me.  I allow the indifference and call it love. For I have learned to love myself.


The Philosopher’s Stone Transforms Homeless Angels


What is the truth that sets you free?

To be who you are,

Without censure.


We live in… Continue reading

Dr Steven Greer on Clinton, Rockefeller’s and UFOs

This is an interesting YouTube video of a speech given by Dr. Steven Greer speaking about democracy, UFO’s, disclosure project etc.  Interestingly he speaks of a meeting with Laurence Rockefeller.

Below is information about Rockefeller’s interest in UFO’s and funding to find out the reality as follows:


by Paul B. Thompson… Continue reading

Dr Steven Greer at the Citizens Hearing on Extraterrestrials

The speaker is Dr. Steven Greer who is the head of the Centre for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence.  Interesting to learn about facilities such as Pine Gap, US Airforce facility.  He spoke to the Deputy Prime Minister about this subject apparently. Transparency is the key to peace. it takes great courage to… Continue reading

UFO’s Are the Most Significant Subject of Our Time

Former US Senator Mike Gravel speaks about the Congressional style hearing on extraterrestrials.  He indicates it is the most significant subject. Paradigm Research Group sought to affect the Congress to deal with this issue.  Mike Gravel indicates it is a global issue to focus on the issues.  Disclosure has indeed happened, so… Continue reading

Mohandas Gandhi

“An eye for an eye only ends up making the whole world blind.”