The Privatisation of Democracy is Disaster Capitalism

This video will provide an important overview of how corporations have infiltrated governments in the name of trade and Gross Domestic Profit. How they are exploiting disasters both natural and human created to profit from misery.  Contracts for restoration are awarded to national contractors and the profits retained in the host country whilst the poorest people find themselves facing an infiltration of foreign business interests.  The issues include the fact that foreign resources can be accessed for profit and the undue dependency on foreign companies and NGO’s can influence local politics or simply pay off politicians to ensure influence, access and profitability. This is the nature of greed and the need for more.  It is run on an egoic consciousness that feeds the need status, power and control.  Of course control comes from a deep sense of insecurity, inadequacy and fear driving behaviour.  Eckhart Tolle is worth looking at to understand the nature of egoic consciousness which enables corruption and emotional disconnect to thrive in specific areas.

I recall this issue of contractors with Haliburton, you may recall that Dick Cheney is the former CEO and former US Secretary of Defense.  Halliburton is known for the high bounties they made out of the Iraq war in respect of security companies and rebuilding.  It is reported that 35.9 billion in profits was extracted from the US Government in respect of the war in Iraq.

Of course Afghanistan is rich in resources and it is indicated that there are approximately 4 billion worth of resources under the ground, this can be a strong incentive.  There was also the issue of the oil/gas pipeline and deals struck with the Taliban in Texas and the notion of oil wars. 

Thus, the strategy to go into these countries and wage wars appears under the guise of expanding trade and for the public benefit ensuring they are safe from terrorism and profiting from these disasters. Is this democratic? Is this ethical? Does it matter?

This is a trend whereby vulnerable people’s needs are not provided for with the intention of true humanitarian help but exploited to profit from disasters and wars.  There is a ruthlessness is these behaviours which I am slowly coming to terms with.  I can see the emotional disconnection.  I can see how men and women are rewarded for focusing on profit over people.  We are conditioned to believe our security is dependent on economic superiority and military strength yet the real security in this world is in truth coming from embracing our humanity.  J. F. Kennedy was a leader who was acutely aware of the shadows in government and the faceless unaccountable players at the table.  Moreover, in the Second World War there was information available of multinational companies profiting from the death camps in the Holocaust and assisting the Nazi/Fascist regime.  This is because profit making cares nothing for empathy, ethics, or compassion it is only focused on self interest that profits.  It is in itself pathological.

Therefore, when private contractors profit from disaster they realise their interest is in ongoing disaster. It would be interested to know how far they go in facilitating disruption for their own interests.  In the case of war it is utilised as a channel to move products and services or rebuild as a way to maximise profit. Therefore an interest in endless war is established through profit.  I recall in the movie Men that Stare at Goats which spoke of the New Earth Army, the only US army battalion as far as I know charged with the prevention of war.  They were called super soldiers and they harnessed their power by accessing harmony from universal energy and channelling it into psychic abilities, remote viewing and learning personal harmony with energy and lifting what is termed frequency through positive thoughts, harmony with nature and learning the power of the universe, in truth.  It was a true story and it was George Clooney who played Lyn Cassidy a gift operative.  There was one scene I won’t forget where they are in the Iraq desert (Lyn and a reporter) and they have been kidnapped by petty criminals.  They and another Iraqi captive escape and they are picked up by Americans in modern vans.  The security detail that picked them up were contractors and the leader of this outfit (a former soldier) talked about the boon they were making by selling all sorts of goods in Bagdad and the bonanza they saw in profiting from Iraqi suffering.  It was really disturbing.  Later they were in Bagdad and apparently one security company fired on another believing it was Iraqi but in truth it was US contractors firing on each other.  Civilians were killed there was no accountability or reparations for the trouble they caused.  In war there appears no judicial inquiry or criminal prosecutions because there is no civilian infrastructure or rule of law.  Refer

This will not bring peace but will be a race to the bottom if this is considered the way to profit from hard times.  What I am realising is that this emotional disconnect from the real suffering of people is the reality of why this can happen. Moreover, the greed that drives capitalism buys itself a seat at the table in order to be in line for contracts.  They can utilise their investments in political donations as a way of winning curry or preferential treatment in the name of trade and economic power.  Yet it is not an equal playing field for business as a whole.  It is the select few that have exorbitant profits and interests. These companies have large profits than the Gross Domestic or National Product of the countries they seek to exploit.

From my perspective this infiltration of private interests is fuelled by donations to political parties.  This in my view should be banned. It is subverting the true nature of democracy as one vote one value and it is allowing disproportionate influence that is increasingly removing accountability from government through secrecy contracts and the private nature of companies.  In essence privatising government. It is clearly a trend of dictatorial approaches (hierarchy) that have no respect for community wellbeing or reporting in integrity in relation to the public interest.  Those who advocate for the public can be demonised, marginalised and ignored as they do not have the power and are considered a threat to profits, such is the separation consciousness that drives insecurity (profiteering).

This film is recommended viewing.




Mohandas Gandhi

“Nonviolence is a weapon of the strong”