Sexual Harassment (suppression) or Sexual Freedom (expression)?

This poem came to me as a feeling to speak about sexual harassment.  The title Sexual Harassment or Sexual Freedom is really a statement about suppression and expression.  The masculine and feminine is not really about male and female, it is the energy of control and expression.

In this poem I express it as ‘he’ as this is the topic of today and my own experience as a female. I do see gender differences in the suppression of emotion and I believe all violence, limits, unhappiness arise from suppression of any kind.  This does not mean that anything goes and we let people engage in behaviours that are unhealthy, but we look at how to express these feelings, to bring them out in the open, to allow dialogue so that we discover mutual understanding and indeed, self understanding. This is how we turn problems into solutions.  The discord between the masculine and feminine is the underlying distortion of peace in the world.  The real peace is about uniting the masculine and feminine to respect those differences but for neither to dominate, control or suppress the other.  We are still reflecting a primitive approach to sexuality, healthy human relationships and peace in self, families, communities, nations and the world.

Please note the reference to masculine and feminine is not about the sexes.  There are females who are masculine and males that are feminine.  I have witnessed dominant females and submissive males and visa versa.  So I see distortions of this energy really a dance between the masculine and feminine.  When it flows freely it is an expression of love when it is distored or controlled then abuses arise in our world.  

We are here to learn about who we are in relation to sexuality and what creates a genuine sense of unity on our planet.  These expressions if healthy, are the basis and stasis of world peace.

 hiStory of Sexual Suppression or Expression?

 He is dominant – she is submissive,

Is this the natural order of things?

He is strong – she is weak,

Is this survival of the strongest?

What was the childhood taunt …

“Boys are strong like King Kong,
Girls are weak chuck them in the creek.”

What was the message this sent?


He is logical and facts are his basis,

For science is a fixed reality as truth,

She is emotional feeling as her stasis,

For nurturing is nature’s reality as love,

For which is survival of the fittest?

Is science the detached break-down of reality as the creation of truth?
Or is truth the creation of science?

Is love the creation of the reality of unity?
Or is unity the creation of love?

Fact as nonfiction or resonance as symmetry?

What is real? The truth of love or
the love of truth?

Did we move from matriarchy to patriarchy?

Is this progression or suppression of expression?

For why is he silent in the face of her emotional turmoil,

What is the limit? Indeed litmus test?

What is the fear? False Evidence Appearing Real?

Why cannot he not cry a tear?

Who told him feeling was weak?

For is this the emotional suppression of the masculine?

For these are the fundamental questions that contextualise the argument for war or peace,

That has been unending for thousands of years,

Beyond the Eve of Adam.


What is emotion?

It is energy in motion (e-motion),

Emotion expresses what is moving,

For moving pictures are a life in e-motion,

But what if e-motion is not moving?

What if life is in frames, boxes and sequences?

What if life is in black and white?

For his life is drained of all feeling as it is not rational or strong,

If he is not in control or wrong,

How can he belong?

And this is the role he plays with impunity,

For he is hiding from his true nature of purity,

He is the child playing games without frontiers and wars without tears.


Some seek to find meaning in God,
Some in scientific exploration,
Others in business success,

But what is the test of manhood without rites of passage?

Is facing fear emotional?
Is suppression of emotions irrational?

Or is it natural to face fear and conquer it rather than people?

What of a passage to India?

Is that right?

Can he lose himself to find himself?

The church suppresses a Priest’s sexuality as immorality darkening the spiritual light,
Science suppresses emotions as illogical,
Business suppresses empathy as unprofessional,

Yet what of unintegrated emotions suppressed?

Is this a risk to the wellbeing of health and safety?

Natural envy, love and truth when suppressed become unnatural jealously, obsession and denial
as the basis to bullying and harassment rather than
the (homeo) stasis of living in harmony natually,

Social control as suppression (problem) or  Social harmony as expression (solution)
Which resolves all imbalances peacefully?

Suppression of sexual expression distorts the natural order as natural chi (energy) is synergistic freedom flowing as nature intended,

Healthy sexual attraction is not detached objectivisation devoid of feeling …

…It is the celebration of life inviting love,

Mutual consent is not saying no and believing yes,

For when she says ‘no’ and he continues he has not made a wise agreement in unity of purpose,

Honouring in freedom her choice as equals,

He is satisfying his own needs and ignoring her cries as he can no longer cry freedom,

For she is the object of attention not a person objecting as he frames the picture in cyber space,

And this is where sexual chemistry becomes unwanted sexual attention breaking down,

For what you resist persists,
what you look at disappears when …

The object becomes a person,
Silence awakens to dialogue,
Honour expresses as mutual consent,
Love is the freedom from fear and uncertainty.



Sexuality is synergistic energy exchange (SEX),

When natural: e-motion naturally flows,

When distorted by convention or judgement:
it is suppressed and blocked,

Fantasies grow in the absence of realisation,

Tension builds in the absence of fulfilment,

For you cannot suppress what is natural,

It can be redirected when awareness is the rose offered and open to the love of truth and the truth of love,

As this is the heart of compassion that seeks charity, clarity and mutual consent
as shared power,

For this is the basis of sexual freedom and the stasis of sexual harmony in unity,

For love can never be forced as it is receptive,

And force can never be loved when dominant,

For the wise cry out: 

“We look forward to a time
when the power of love overcomes
the love of power,
then will our world know
the true blessings of

(Oliver Wendell Holmes)




Mohandas Gandhi

“The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.”