Humanity’s Magnetic Fields of Fire


Humanity’s Magnetic Fields of Fire


There is a fire burning,

An intense ball,

A million earths burn within,

As it circles the heart

Of humanity.


A flaming ball of heat and light,

6000 degrees on the surface,

Magnetic fields generate the furnace,

For temperature is regulated,

Climate is changed,

For sun spots are not cancer,

Yet uncontrolled explosions

Are hydrogen implosions,

For fusion releases tension,

As the heavens open up

To new life.


The sun god,

The sun goddess,

Is the third eye,

The inner temple,

For the pyramid is a structure,

That cannot contain the knowledge of life,

For life is a circle not a square,

Life is self generating,

Self regulating,

Self interested,

It is regular and seeks only to serve,

The one.


The solar system has a heart that beats,

For its rhythm is constant,

The family of planets,

Form a solar system,

That flows around the stream of gases,

Floating on a momentum of time,

As solar flares power the engine,

The rotations are sustained by magnetic poles,

A biased axis is in season,

For the wise know there are no mistakes in perfection,

Solar systems die and are born in no time.


The jewel of the diamond,

Is the centre peace,

For life is on earth,


It is the Garden of Eden,

And yet many don’t live in the garden,

For they are manufacturing discontent,

Turning their worlds upside down,

Inside out,

For the real world is seldom seen,

As reality is an office job,

Nature is the changing seasons,

Knowledge is the 9 o’clock news,

Wisdom is lost in the humble few,

Who disappear from view,

As there are no values on the stock exchange.


We must return,

We must go back,

To first principles,

To principles that place earth first,

For the world is burning,

The skin is cancer,

The ice caps are melting,

And solar radiation diminishes


The magnetic fields,

Are the Law of Attraction,

Is not a field but a Grid,

A matrix of leylines,

A symbol for infinity,

For negative and positive magnetics circle the magma,

And feed the world,

For space is even,

Apportioned energy fields,
through drift nets circling
the world,

For this is not happenstance,

Itis a precise order,

Functioning for the homeostasis of the whole,

for the Earth is alive,

And the grids will rearrange,

On time.

Mohandas Gandhi

“You must be the change you wish to see in the world.”