Conditional Resource or Natural World?


Many grow up in a world that is conditional,

Many grow up feeling that they are compared,

For many are forming judgements,

Yet judgement is not justice,

Criticism is not truth,

Isolation is not family,

And fear is the architect of this.


I walk into the natural world,

And I am at ease,

I see the butterflies,

I watch the ants in singular order,

I see the erosion sculpturing the landscape,

The grasses waving in the breeze,

As I climb the mountain of my thoughts

They lighten and remain below the clouds,

For when one is high on life,

There are not clouds to obscure one’s real vision.


Nature is being,

Society is judging,

Nature is seeing what is,

Society is being seen to be what isn’t,

Nature is peace and natural order,

Without force,

Society conforms to orders,

With force,

One is in harmony,

The other a constructed reality,

One lives in peace,

The other at war.


I look to the valley,

Stretching 100km to the mountain range,

I see the pulses of light,

Traverse the highway,

That snakes its way around the contours,

For the body of life is not a straight road,

Yet each pulse a thought form,

In action,

Aware of its destination,

Unaware of the universe that it is cradled within,

For the mind of god is the valley and the peak,

The thoughts of mankind is bus-i-ness,

Unaware of the big picture,

As we continue on the same road,

And ask what lies at the end?

Many are afraid to look,

For they know the road goes nowhere is now here,

Yet they continue travelling.


The road to peace,

Is stillness,

The destination to peace,

Is natural,

For when one stops and looks around,

The beauty is overwhelming,

For this is the present awareness,

Opening to truth,

As the tree of knowledge,










Mohandas Gandhi

“If we are to teach real peace in this world, and if we are to carry on a real war against war, we shall have to begin with the children.”