Are You Processing Your Emotions to Resolve

Michael Brown speaks about emotional processing.  When we blame others or manipulate others we release emotional states which creating more emotional debre around us.  He speaks of going to the causal point and be with those states without condition to bring to resolution. It is deeply uncomfortable, you have to contain the experience you look at emotions without the story, going into the behaviour that is an artform. It requires daily practice.  It is not about getting upset, the emotional states are coming up for everyone all the time.  The journey we are on individually and collectively processing generational imprinting.  We are in the midst of emotional processing, that is the theme of what is going on, our memories of the past are coming up to be processed.  If you are alive you are processing consciously or unconsciously.  Michael’s approach is to bring to consciousness the approach to face emotions.  He states you either respond or react.  

When you listen to people who have clarity you realise that life is really this emotional journey back to peace. This is the purpose of the journey for humanity right now.  That is what is called home.  Emotions are indeed the pathway, when we remove the stones by facing what pains us we can integrate and transcend issues. This is what is called clearing.  So that is why facing conflict head on is the way to deal with unconscious and unhealed emotions.  I feel that is the journey I am on right now as I face a significant conflict in my life.  I am facing it with love and pain but facing it.  I know unconditional love of myself is the key. This then allows me to look at others without judgement and accept the great diversity of this world.  My work is to not get into other people’s business but to become more and more inward focused.  It can be hard as we do identify with life so intensely at times but the real work is within.

Mohandas Gandhi

“God has no religion”